Treatments for Women (Targeted at Intimate Areas)

Treatments for Women (Targeted at Intimate Areas), Ignite Medispa Sydney

More than ever, women are empowered to decide for themselves how their bodies look, feel, and function. With recent advances in medical and cosmetic technology, even the most intimate areas of a woman’s body can be sculpted and refined to enhance her sensuality, re-invigorate her sexuality and confidence.

It is for this very reason that Vulvovaginal rejuvenation has seen significant advancement and commensurate growth in demand, over the last decade, and women are increasingly comfortable about seeking assistance for ‘lifestyle’ issues in this area.

Ignite MediSpa is bringing to Sydney and wider Sydney the latest in vaginal rejuvenation/labiaplasty. Read on to discover some of our current procedures targeted at women’s intimate areas.

Examples of interventions for women provided at Ignite Medispa:

  • Augmentation labiaplasty – this involves the injection of fillers to improve the volume of the labia majora;
  • Reduction labiaplasty – excision of labia minora may be undertaken for a number of reasons;
  • Medical devices to improve the blood supply (and thickness due to neocollagenesis) to the vagina and vulva – the use of TempSure by Cynosure to address the vulva, labia majora, and vaginal vault, depending on the patient’s needs. This technology uses radiofrequency energy, which has been extensively and safely used over decades.

Example of interventions for women ‘not’ provided at Ignite Medispa:

  • Chemical peels to reduce pigmentation and to brighten skin/ mucosa of the vulva and natal cleft (perianal area). This service is not available at Ignite MediSpa;

Treatments to improve surrounding areas:

  • Body contouring, whether liposuction and/ or lifts, to the tummy area and thighs. For example, considered liposuction to the thighs and a pubopexy (elevation puboplasty);
  • Skin remodelling to the inner thighs. Here, different modalities may be used, such as biostimulatory fillers in conjunction with Renuvion (formerly known as J-Plasma).

The medical director, Dr. Niro Sivathasan, does not believe in the efficacy of many of the purported benefits of getting only PRP injections to the genitalia (the so-called ‘O-shot’ and similar). Accordingly, whilst this is not promoted, if a patient has specifically requested such injections, providing there are no contraindication, this service may be provided. After all, female empowerment involves competent women being freely able to make decisions for themselves.

Of course, some concerns/ symptoms need the input and intervention from general practitioners or gynaecologists. Medicolegally it is inappropriate to make promises about alterations in symptoms of laxity, sensation, and urinary continence, after lifestyle interventions to the vulvovaginal area; however, many patients do report improvements in the aforementioned symptoms.

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