Top Five Tips for Choosing a Surgeon for Cosmetic, General, Plastic (reconstructive) Cosmetic Surgery

Top Five Tips for Choosing a Surgeon for Cosmetic, General, Plastic (reconstructive) Cosmetic Surgery, Ignite Medispa Sydney

Cosmetic Surgery, in common with all medical procedures, has a number of risks and known potential complications. Choosing the correct cosmetic surgeon is important, so make sure you do your research.

Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon – Tip 1 – The Surgeon’s Experience

  1. Has your surgeon got the general skills and training, as well as the specific skills and training, to undertake your chosen surgery? The breadth of training across different surgical specialties is certainly important, but cosmetic surgery involves specific procedures; so, ask your surgeon how long they had trained ‘specifically’ in cosmetic surgery, as opposed to being a generalist.

Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon – Tip 2 – Your Past Experience With The Surgeon Or The Clinic

This does not need clarification, but in essence:

    • Are you warmly received; are you treated with respect;
    • Do you feel like more than ‘just a number’ at the clinic?
    • Your emotional connection with the surgeon is very important, as is the comfort you have when you’re in the clinic.

Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon – Tip 3 – Honesty And Willingness To Impart Knowledge

Did the surgeon explain the considerations and concerns? What about the expected costs, and how you’ll be managed after your procedure (noting that a successful outcome is a process, and not a standalone event, and it involves you, your compliance, the surgeon, and the clinic’s staff)? Did you feel rushed, and, most importantly, do you feel confident being in the hands of the surgeon?

Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon – Tip 4 – Word-Of-mouth (Personal) Referrals

These are priceless!

Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon – Tip 5 – On-line Research

Do your research about the desired procedure, but bear in mind that anything written on-line, either good or bad, may not be a true reflection of reality and may mislead! This also applies to reviews, where businesses themselves, competitors, and patients, have all been known to post fake reviews, whether positive or negative (most of these are a result of real medical complications that are known risks of surgery).

Importantly, the decision to undergo surgery must involve a lot of consideration and reflection – exciting and daunting at the same time! You must not be forced into having surgery by anybody (including a personal partner and the surgeon) and you must necessarily understand that the final result develops over many weeks to months.

Dr. Niroshan Sivathasan BSc (Hons), MB, BS (Lond), DRCOG, GradDipAesthMed (UK), PGCert BA, MRCS (Eng), AFACP, FCPCA. Board Certified (AAAM) in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Niro Sivathasan is an experienced, internationally licensed, aesthetic surgeon. He completed his bachelor’s and medical degrees from King’s College London and University College London, respectively.

His postgraduate qualifications in surgery and aesthetic medicine were also gained in England, with rotations across numerous prestigious teaching hospitals in London and postgraduate training with The Royal College of Surgeons of England, prior to moving to Australia to pursue a higher fellowship in cosmetic surgery to build upon his training in plastic surgery.

In addition to his surgical work in cosmetic and restorative surgery, Dr. Niro has a particular interest in non- and minimally- invasive aesthetics of the face and trunk, and is a senior trainer for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.

Dr. Niro has experience performing surgeries in a number of countries, and has published over 35 medical articles, written book chapters, international educational guides, spoken at conferences around the world, is a reviewer and editorial committee-member for various medical journals, and presides as an expert for various organizations covering non-surgical medical treatments.

* This article originally appears in LVBX Magazine.

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