Safety of Cosmetic Treatment Devices: Know the risks

Safety of Cosmetic Treatment Devices: Know the risks, Ignite Medispa Sydney

Safety, efficacy, and predictability (reproducibility) of treatments are very important considerations. At Ignite Medispa®, we have avoided treatments that are questionable.

Our commitment towards patient safety

What we decided against offering at Ignite Medispa® are questionable treatments. We’re not interested in succumbing to the latest fads or being sucked in by Instagram posts, many of which have been manipulated. So-called ‘miracle fixes’ at bargain prices are, almost always, impossible. The old saying, ‘if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is’, is on-point.

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Fibroblast: The perfect example of a questionable treatment

We encourage all of our patients to be engaged with the treatment process and to do their research, but here’s an example of something we do not want to offer: ‘Plasma Epidermal Skin-burning’, a.k.a. ‘Fibroblast Skin-tightening’ and ‘Frationated Cautery’.

Fibroblast skin-tightening involves burning the top layer of the skin using pulses of ‘oxygen plasma’ using a handheld pen-like device (which typically costs between $100 and $3,000 to buy). The belief is that burning holes in the skin, shall cause the skin to tighten as the holes contract to close up. This might work in small areas, such as around the mouth; but, not for effective improvement over large areas. In fact, Canadian authorities actively warned against such devices, in 2019. More information here: Plasma pens are not authorized in Canada and may pose health risks.

In essence, holes are created in the skin and these become inflamed, crust up, and heal. This in itself is not unusual – many lasers work in a similar fashion. Rather, the concerns are:

  1. Less predictable than with other treatment modalities that achieve comparable results. The potential for complications is too high, in our opinion;
  2. The easy accessibility of these cheap devices, meaning that many are using them at home and in the beauty (not medical) industry without training, resulting in issues with pigmentation and scars.
Safety of Cosmetic Treatment Devices: Know the risks, Ignite Medispa Sydney

Here is a documented example of a Fibroblast treatment gone wrong:

“Mum-of-seven devastated as botched eye lift leaves her scarred for life”

Lisa Shaw, 40, of Morecambe, Lancashire, was awarded £8,000 in damages in an out-of-court settlement with the practitioner following the botched procedure.

Source: Mirror UK

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The good news

But wait, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are in fact, safe alternatives. This is especially true when delivered by certified professionals in a controlled medical environment like Ignite Medispa.

When people pay good money, they expect meaningful results that last. Everybody also wants to minimize risk. Therefore, this is what we offer for skin tightening, instead:

These have impeccable track records and patient satisfaction. Of course, medical appraisal and guidance are critical, and that is why all of our major treatments are preceded by an in-depth, educational consultation. Importantly, medical means by a doctor (i.e. holder of a medical degree), and not by allied health- or paramedical- practitioners.

“There is no substitute for knowledge, training, and experience.”

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