Cosmetic Medicine and Dark Skin Types

Cosmetic Medicine and Dark Skin Types, Ignite Medispa Sydney

There is a misconception that lasers absolutely may not be used for dark skin tones (particularly with regard to hypo- or hyperpigmentation). This was certainly the case a few years ago; but, technology has evolved and many lasers are able to safely address concerns affecting all skin colours. Having said that, it is certainly the case that caution must be applied to skin that is moderately brown, dark brown, and black; and this is achieved by pre-treating with medication and having a short course of topical post-treatment medication. Also, energy must be deployed very deeply into the skin, and away from the surface.

Similarly, many believe that chemical peels should not be used with dark skin tones. This is incorrect. Gentle (superficial- and some medium- penetration) peels, such as low concentration lactate and salicylate peels, may be used. Avoid TCA and phenol peels.

The trick here is to not irritate (whether chemically or physically) the skin for one week before the peel and to not physically irritate the skin for about one week after the peel. Failure to respect this shall lead to post-treatment inflammatory hyperpigmentation or P.I.H.

There are various treatment modalities at Ignite Medispa which are ‘colour-blind’. These include:

  1. Cosmetic Injectables (i.e. anti-wrinkle treatments and volumizing soft-tissue fillers);
  2. Cynosure TempSure (gentle, radiofrequency bulk-heating);
  3. Cynosure Vivace (radiofrequency micro-needling);
  4. Gentle laser-assisted skin-toning (GentleMax 1064 nm, a variant of which is called Laser Genesis).

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